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May and Dup Agreement

The May and DUP Agreement: What You Need to Know

On June 26, 2017, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she had reached an agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland. The deal, known as the May and DUP Agreement, was intended to give May`s Conservative Party a working majority in the House of Commons after it lost seats in the snap election earlier that month.

But what exactly is the May and DUP Agreement, and what does it mean for the UK and Northern Ireland? Here is a breakdown of the key points:

1. The DUP will support May`s government on key votes in the House of Commons.

The most significant aspect of the agreement is that the DUP has pledged to support May`s government on votes related to the budget, national security, and Brexit. This is important because the Conservatives do not have a majority in the House of Commons, and the support of the DUP`s ten MPs gives them the ability to pass legislation and avoid defeat in parliament.

2. The DUP will receive £1 billion in additional funding for Northern Ireland.

In exchange for their support, the DUP will receive £1 billion in extra funding for Northern Ireland over the next two years. This money will be allocated to areas such as infrastructure, health, and education, and will be used to support the Northern Ireland Executive and its institutions.

3. The Good Friday Agreement will be upheld.

One of the most controversial aspects of the May and DUP Agreement was the concern that it could undermine the Good Friday Agreement, which brought an end to the conflict in Northern Ireland in 1998. However, the agreement states that the government is „fully committed” to upholding the agreement and that the deal will „not affect the terms” of it.

4. The DUP`s social policies will not be implemented in the rest of the UK.

The DUP is a socially conservative party, with positions on issues such as abortion and LGBT rights that are at odds with many other parties in the UK. However, the agreement states that the DUP`s policies will not be imposed on the rest of the UK, and that the government is committed to „a programme of tolerance, inclusivity, and respect”.

Overall, the May and DUP Agreement was a controversial and significant development in UK politics. While it provided May with the support she needed to govern, it also raised concerns about the impact on Northern Ireland and the potential for the deal to undermine the Good Friday Agreement. As Brexit negotiations continue, the role of the DUP in UK politics will remain an important issue to watch.

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