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ADD Event to grupa ludzi znających branże eventową od podszewki. 16 lat w branży. Setki przeprowadzonych na najwyższym poziomie imprez, wydarzeń sportowych, konferencji, targów.Współpraca z największymi firmami nagłośnieniowymi, oświetleniowymi i multimedialnymi. Wykwalifikowani i doświadczeni Spikerzy, DJ-e, Animatorzy oraz technicy dają Nam możliwości, które ogranicza już tylko fantazja. ADD Event - robimy niemożliwe i robimy to na wczoraj!

China Trade Agreement Today

The United States and China have been embroiled in a trade war since early 2018, with both countries imposing tariffs on each other`s goods in an attempt to gain leverage in negotiations. However, on January 15, 2020, the two countries signed a phase one trade agreement in an effort to deescalate tensions and promote more balanced trade.

The agreement includes commitments from China to increase its purchases of US goods and services by at least $200 billion over the next two years. This includes $40-50 billion in agricultural products, $75 billion in manufacturing goods, $50 billion in energy products, and $40 billion in services.

In return, the US has agreed to reduce some of the tariffs it has imposed on Chinese goods. However, tariffs on the vast majority of Chinese imports will remain in place. The US has also secured commitments from China to improve intellectual property protection, increase transparency in currency exchange rates, and address concerns around forced technology transfers.

The phase one agreement is a positive step towards resolving the trade dispute between the US and China, but it is only the first of what is likely to be several steps. Negotiators will now move on to phase two, which will focus on more complex issues such as cybersecurity, non-tariff barriers, and subsidies.

The impact of the trade war on the global economy has been significant, with both countries experiencing slower growth and increased uncertainty. The phase one agreement should help to reduce some of this uncertainty and boost confidence in the global economy. However, it is important to remember that the trade dispute between the US and China is just one aspect of a larger shift towards a more fragmented and protectionist global economy.

In conclusion, the signing of the phase one trade agreement between the US and China is a positive development, which should help to reduce tensions and promote more balanced trade. However, it is just the first step towards resolving a complex and multifaceted trade dispute. The impact of the trade war on the global economy will continue to be felt for some time, and it is important for businesses to remain vigilant and adaptable to changing market conditions.

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