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ADD Event to grupa ludzi znających branże eventową od podszewki. 16 lat w branży. Setki przeprowadzonych na najwyższym poziomie imprez, wydarzeń sportowych, konferencji, targów.Współpraca z największymi firmami nagłośnieniowymi, oświetleniowymi i multimedialnymi. Wykwalifikowani i doświadczeni Spikerzy, DJ-e, Animatorzy oraz technicy dają Nam możliwości, które ogranicza już tylko fantazja. ADD Event - robimy niemożliwe i robimy to na wczoraj!

In the latest move to bolster economic ties between Asia`s two largest economies, China and Indonesia have signed a historic free trade agreement. The agreement, which was signed on November 2, 2020, is expected to deepen economic integration between China and Indonesia, and pave the way for greater cooperation and investment between the two countries.

Under the free trade agreement, both countries will eliminate tariffs on the bulk of their imports and exports, and improve access to each other`s markets. This will lead to increased trade and investment flows between the two countries, creating new opportunities for businesses, and boosting economic growth.

The agreement is a significant milestone for both China and Indonesia, as it marks the first free trade agreement between the two countries. It comes at a time when the global economy is facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and when many countries are looking to increase their economic cooperation to mitigate the impact of the crisis.

For China, the agreement represents a major step towards strengthening its presence in Southeast Asia, which is a key region for its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. It also provides China with a much-needed new market for its exports, as it seeks to reduce its dependence on the United States and Europe.

For Indonesia, the agreement is an opportunity to tap into China`s vast market and attract more foreign investment into the country. Indonesia has been struggling with sluggish economic growth in recent years, and the pandemic has only made things worse. The free trade agreement with China is seen as a potential game-changer for the Indonesian economy, as it will help to boost exports and attract more investment from China.

However, the agreement also poses some challenges for both countries. For China, the deal could lead to increased competition from Indonesian exporters, particularly in industries like textiles and manufacturing. It could also face pressure to further open up its market to Indonesian goods and services.

For Indonesia, the challenge will be to ensure that the free trade agreement benefits its economy and people. The country will need to improve its infrastructure and regulatory environment to attract more foreign investment, and ensure that its businesses are able to compete with their Chinese counterparts.

In conclusion, the free trade agreement between China and Indonesia is a significant step towards greater economic integration between the two countries. It presents both opportunities and challenges for both countries, and will require careful management to ensure that it benefits both economies and their people. As the agreement is implemented, it will be important for businesses and policymakers to work together to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this historic deal.

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